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Children Of Eden The Musical

Music by Stephen Schwartz

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Plot Summary & Audition Tips

List of Characters in Children Of Eden

Children of Eden Sheet Music (Vocal Selections)

Children of Eden 1998 Cast Recording

Danny Kosarin & Storytellers - Children of Eden Download the Children of Eden Cast Album  

This show, based on the Old Testament, tells the story from the Creation until just after the Flood. When first introduced, it was not received well by critics.

The show is meant to be played as multicultural as possible, so actors of various ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

"Lost In The Wilderness" is very overdone as an audition piece and should probably be avoided.

Audition Suggestions for Children of Eden

Many characters in this show must be able to dance well, although the difficulty will depend upon the choreographer.

Storytellers (at least some with dancing ability) 
Adam / Noah
Eve / Mama Noah
Cain / Japheth
Abel / Ham
Seth / Shem
Young Cain (child) 
Young Abel (child)
Children (also play animals)

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List of Songs in Children Of Eden

Children of Eden Song Lyrics

  • In Pursuit Of Excellence
  • In Whatever Time We Have
  • Let There Be
  • A World Without You
  • Children of Eden
  • What Is He Waiting For
  • Ain't It Good
  • Lost In The Wilderness

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