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Audition Songs & Monologues

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Free Monologues From Real Plays

Please note: These free monologues are provided for educational use only. Use them to practice cold readings or as a character study. If you are looking for monologues for a musical theatre audition, see our list of monologues from musicals. Before using a monologue in an audition situation, ask yourself the following:

Is this a character that I could reasonably play? (Age and gender are a good match)

Have I read the play that it comes from? (Never use a monologue for an audition if you have not read the play. Links to the complete play have been provided wherever possible.)

Do I like/identify with the themes presented in this monologue?

Links to More Free Audition Monologues

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Free Audition Monologues for Women

Free Audition Monologues for Men


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